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For the true outdoor enthusiast, every excursion brings anticipation and wonder mixed with a practical desire to be well equipped.

The most seasoned adventurer - those who have "seen everything" - will tell you being prepared for anything is fundamental to a successful journey.

This is where our Swiss heritage serves us very well. Here, where mountain climbers are revered as heroes, preparedness and choosing the right gear are one and the same.

We know the outdoors is full of unexpected challenges waiting to test the skill and self reliance of even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiast. So we carefully design our gear and equipment with as many features built into them as possible. No one else packs so much functionality into products, taking great care not to make them too large, too heavy or, for that matter, too expensive.

Even as our equipment evolves, everything we make is driven by the same mission that has been at the heart of Wenger products for over 100 years: Design reliable and useful tools that you can count on to perform even under the most grueling conditions.


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