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Outdoor365 Discuss UK Knife Regulations on BBC Radio 4

The government is currently in consultation over the delivery of knives and bladed products to private addresses in the UK. Having been involved in this consultation process our Executive Chairman Richard Tanner recently appeared on the BBC Radio 4 show You and Yours to discuss the ramifications of proposed regulations.

You can listen to his appearance at the link below.

Richard Tanner appears at 22:43 – 28:58

Listen Here

As responsible retailers we are committed to ensuring our products are not sold to anyone under the age of 18.

To ensure we operate within the laws set by the UK government we follow a strict three point system with all orders for bladed products:

1. Customers are required to provide a date of birth when purchasing age restricted products. Customers who provide a date of birth under the age of 18 will have their order cancelled, refunded and contacted to explain our policy and decision.

2. The customers details are then subjected to an automatic light credit check through Equifax. This check leaves no footprint and is solely for the purpose of age verification. If the customer passes this check their order is passed, processed and dispatched without issue.

3. Customers unsuccessfully verified on Equifax are then contacted and asked to provide photographic ID with a date of birth, for example a driving license or passport. If we deem the ID to be appropriate proof of age we pass the order and process it.

You can read our full policy on UK Knife Age Restrictions and Laws here.

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